I have always been a maker. Starting at the age of four, I made clothes for my dolls out of scraps left over from my grandmother's quilts. As I got older, I would make clothes for myself and my friends for fun. I made a wedding dress for a close friend, and came to fully understand the power of a good garment. When I saw how emotional the bride and her loved ones were upon seeing her in my design, I knew then my purpose was to make clothes. Clothes you can feel confident and comfortable in, to make memories in, to live in. 

In addition to my creations, I have curated a selection of garments, jewelry, and accessories from other talented makers whom I have found inspiring. These designers share the same craftsmanship and detail that I value. I have found their pieces simply too special not to share. 

This store is for those who cannot sit still, who must move, explore, learn, travel, and dance. 

- Holly